Specialty Paints

Bringing dreams to reality

Specialty Paints

Easy to apply

Can be applied to new or previously painted interior surfaces

Available in thousands of colors

Cleans easily

Fast drying

Available in quart size only

Zero VOC, low odor

Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology

Easy application – Goes on Smoothly

Resistant to soaps and detergents, grease and oil

Durable Finish – Resists marring and scratching and delivers lasting finish

Low VOC – Environmentally friendly

Interior/Exterior Use – Can be used over multiple substrates

Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology

Recommended for:

Particularly recommended for basements, porches, patios, breezeways, showrooms, and light industrial applications.

Notable is a premium performance, two-component product that can be applied to almost any substrate, including painted drywall, wood, glass, metal and laminate. The isocyanate-free formula features a four-hour pot life, seven-day full cure time and 10-year warranty. Kits come complete with two pre-measured components, a roller-cover, and application instructions in three sizes - 50, 100 and 200 square feet. End-users can choose from white, for the classic whiteboard look, or clear, to transform any of our 3,500+ colors into a dry erase surface.

Silicone Epoxy

<150 g/L VOC

Ready to use 7 days after application

Applicable to most surfaces

10 year warranty

Specialty Paints

MasterClear interior/exterior topcoat is a water base, one part, self-crosslinking, aliphatic polyurethane/acrylic, non-yellowing topcoat. MasterClear is formulated with UV absorbers, UV inhibitors, mar and slip aids, to create the best possible protection for Metallic Paint Collection Satin paints without affecting the metallic shimmer. The inherent high abrasion resistance of MasterClear also extends the service life of Metallic Paints on high-traffic interior surfaces and exceeds 3,000 scrub cycles.

Use with: Metallic Paint Collection Satin Sheen

A topcoat that adds an iridescent sparkle to virtually any previously painted interior surface

Applies easily and is washable

Spatter resistant

Dries quickly to a decorative finish that is extremely durable

Designed to produce beautiful metallic special effects

Can be mixed with Studio Finishes® Latex Glaze (405) or Studio Finishes Latex Glaze Extender (408)

Spatter resistant

Dries quickly to a glimmering, translucent metallic lustre

Specialty Paints

Durable and non-yellowing

Easy application

Soap-and-water cleanup

Can be used as a clear coating over decorative faux finishes

Flat (425) is not recommended for floors

These oxidizing finish kits transform any paintable surface in minutes. Choose a green patina, blue patina, or rust finish. Each kit includes full instructions and covers up to 2 sq. ft. Just right for small projects.

Our water base Oxidizing Bronze Paint contains real metal particles and will tarnish naturally over time and when exposed to the elements. Use the Blue Patina Aging Solution to speed up the oxidation process to create a beautiful, authentic Blue Patina finish on any paintable surface.

Use with: Metal Effects Primer and Blue Patina Aging Solution

Specialty Paints

A unique water base, acrylic primer designed to block Patina Aging Solutions & Rust Activator from reaching the metal or wood surface chosen as a substrate. Other primers cannot be used because they allow the Patina Aging Solutions & Activators to penetrate through to the substrate.This will disrupt the desired patina color and damage the finish by bringing rust or tannic acids to the surface.

Use with: Metal Effects Oxidizing Paints

This product line has been the industry standard in Metallic Paint for more than a decade! There is a color for every project in our 47 standard colors, which include 5 unique, sheer colors. In addition we have our exclusive custom color matching service to the trade, or you can inter-mix any Metallic Paint Collection colors together, creating your own on-site custom color.

Use with: Metallic Paint Primer, Extender for Rolling, Metallic Paint Roller and MasterClear Protective Clear Topcoats

Formulated with the same shimmering particles and ease of application as our original "Satin Sheen" Metallic Paints but with a Matte finish. Besides the Matte finish, the do exhibit some unique qualities versus their counterparts, like holding the pattern created by stiff brushes or paint pads. Watch our video, Modern Masters Minute on Tone-on-Tone Metallic Paint finishes for more ideas.

Use with: Metallic Paint Primer